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тняσυgн тнє ∂αякиєѕѕ ... тнєяє ιѕ α ρυяιту тσ αи ιииσ¢єит ѕσυℓ

ι αм иσтнιиg αи∂ єνєяутнιиg яσℓℓє∂ ιитσ σиє..... ι αм мє. иσ мσяє.... иσ ℓєѕѕ.

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september girl
13 September 1978
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I stand to scream out my silence
{ ωнσ αм ι }

31 yr old Mother ♥ Lover ♥ Friend.
Dreamer ♥ Poet ♥ Story teller.

{тнαт мαкє мє ѕмιℓє}

Lucius.Ichabod Crane.Jack Skellington.Bellatrix.Emmett Cullen.
Tattoos.Piercings.Hair Colours.Silks & Velvets.Leather & Lace.
Vampires.Witches.Demons.Gothic Artwork.Burlesque.
Corsets.Petticoats.Punk.The Colour Purple.
Dita Von Teese.Tairrie B.Tobey Tores.Angelina Jolie.Ashley Massaro.
Gerard Butler.Corey Taylor.Dani Davey.Joey Jordison.Wednesday 13.Peter Steele.Type O Negative.
Destruction of Foo-Foo. Secret Smiles.Slow Dancing.Singing In The Rain.
Independence.Kellan Lutz.Peter Facinelli.The Vampire Diaries.Twilight.Anne Rice.

We need quiet time to examine our lives openly and honestly. . . spending quiet time alone gives your mind an opportunity to renew itself and create order.
.Susan Taylor.

All our lives we search for someone who makes us complete. We choose partners and change partners. We dance the song of heartbreak and hope all the while,wondering if somewhere,somehow there is someone searching for us.

I am a person whose eyes have cried a thousand times, whose arms have held and been found empty more times that I have taken a breath. Yet here I stand, a person no more but a woman.
A woman who now can see the brightest light within the darkness... for now I am a woman who is loved.

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